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  1. Employees at Yasna are different from employees at many other technology services companies. They understand the need and provide a solution that best meets the needs of the customer. Customer service is what helped us grow and it is what differentiates us from our competition. Excellent interpersonal skills and the initiative to be the best at what you do are the qualities that separate you from all other technical people.

  1. Java/J2EE developer

  2. Yasna Inc. is in need of a Java/J2EE developer.
    Our ideal candidate will be a self-motivated individual with great problem solving ability.
    Responsibilities will include working closely with the Project Manager and other developers on the detailed technical design of a solution to meet functional, performance and quality objectives.

    Required Knowledge Areas and Experience:
    1. Java (3 Years)
    2. ANT (1 Year)
    3. MySQL (2 Years)
    4. Linux (3 Years)
    5. MVC application design (1 Year)
    6. JSP (2 Year)
Please submit your resumes to resume@yasna.com.


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