1. Newsletter Dispenser Server
    The best valued software on the market that provides manageability and maintainability of your newsletter.

  2. Ad Dispenser Server
    You can now control and manage electronic advertisements on your website and newsletter with ease and comfort.

  1. We understand the current business dependence on IT and will help you explore the solutions needed to effectively adapt best-practices and align IT with evolving business objectives.

  1. As a customer service oriented company we provide maintenance as well as emergency response to our customer base. Our technicians are highly skilled in technology and customer service.

  2. Yasna Innovative Solutions Inc. is also recognized as a leader in J2EE, Java and thin-client/server based computing technology.

  3. Discover the benefits of outsourcing your IT to a company that has been offering this service for years.

  1. Yasna employees are unique, focused individuals with an aptitude towards enabling technologies. They work hard to provide a business oriented solution for the customer’s requirements.


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